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It strikes me in the midst of world chaos, the importance of maintaining connection with other people. From the safety of Sitges, I am grateful daily for our warm bed,…. Read More

Peace of mind

For 2023 I wish for all of us Peace of mind. Peace of mind is hugely unconsidered by the young and highly sought after by the elders of the world….. Read More

The Art of Letting Go!

What’s meant for you won’t pass you by Frances Williamson (Nee MacMillan) Who knew that letting go would be the aim of most days, most breaths, most of the time?…. Read More


At times life insists that we go through something and all we can do is surrender to the process. We may feel pain but we don’t have to suffer Suffering…. Read More

It’s all about Balance!

I was robbed recently on the Sitges train station platform. A scam that I have read about. Being pushed and shoved as we boarded the train in a crowd. I…. Read More


At challenging times, when life throws its inevitable curve balls at us, it’s important for us to be philosophical and to ask ourselves what is the lesson in this? What…. Read More


We all have that voice /or voices in our head that pops up intermittently amidst the noise of the world. Everyone has their opinion, suggestions, ideas, wants, needs, desires and…. Read More

Stay in your own lane!

Focus on your strengths and life itself becomes a creative meditation. When we focus on our strengths, everyone benefits. Stay in your own lane is a commonly used phrase. One…. Read More

Yes or No?

How easy is it to stand in your truth, speak honestly and freely all the time and just do your own thing without feeling obliged to others or guilty for…. Read More

Yielding & Choosing

It’s been way too long since I wrote here! So much has happened in the world and in our lives. We are essentially living in a different world now than…. Read More