The Art of Letting Go!

The Art of Letting Go!

What’s meant for you won’t pass you by

Frances Williamson (Nee MacMillan)
The Art of Letting Go – Image by Album by Follies & Vices

Who knew that letting go would be the aim of most days, most breaths, most of the time? Who knew?

Life was all about holding on, getting a grip, keeping a handle on things. Grab life with both hands and hold everything together. Then one day, the penny drops and we realise that being able to let go of everything is essential to being in peace.

When you let go, there is always another way

No matter what, whatever is going on, in a second, let go of everything and peace and lightness are right there for us to tap into. No matter what. Whether we be in pain, suffering, high angst or under pressure. We can simply choose to let go. We are that powerful and yet we take so long to realise it. This physical realm is so deeply convincing, it’s beyond convincing. There’s no way to explain it and so, we have to accept it as real, for the most part.

We have our moments, our journeys, our experiences and perspectives. We can hang on and grasp and attempt to will things into an order. Sometimes, however, things are just not within our control. Once we accept and let go of these things, we can embrace that there is always something more. There is always another way and we can relinquish the need to hold on to anything ever again.

Become a black belt in the art of letting go

Let it go. Let it go. let it go.  Become a black belt in the art of letting go! 

When your heart is broken and you find yourself in a horrible situation or when you feel betrayed, stuck or challenged, take a deep breath and with your intention, let it go. This doesn’t mean you avoid the situation, or that you run away or pretend, you really do still have to feel it or deal with it. Yet still, in your heart and in your mind and with every ounce of your soul you can let it go. This sounds like a contradiction, as much of life is, however I have learned and continue to learn and practice this art. It is an art. Truly.

Remember it’s a choice

We latch on to things and torment ourselves at times with holding on, forcing the issue, pressing the point, chasing something to be a certain way. In doing so we either learn from it or waste our time. So it’s not all in vain. There is a method to the madness at times as it is clearly part of our schooling. But there are only so many times you can go around and round on a roundabout before you feel sick and need to get off. Unless of course you like that kind of thing? Some souls choose it. In fact, we all choose it. We just have to remember that it is a choice.

A fine line between letting go and holding on

In the midst of chaos and confusion we can choose to let go. In the midst of joy and peace we can choose to let go. At the point of feeling physical pain, we can breathe and choose, however difficult, to let go. It is within our capabilities, always to let go. It’s an inner thing more than an outer thing really. Not always straightforward when working through the matrix of our mind and the connection to our physical bodies. 

We look at everything but we do not look at the faculties that we are made of-our body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the self.

Knowing what to let go of and what to hold on to and when to do either, is part of the art. So it becomes vital and important that we understand how to let go in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies as well as understanding that we are eternal spirit. When we choose it, we are free. We really have to let go in all aspects for it to be effective.

Every part of you will thank you for it if you can grasp this. It means you don’t let all the physical, emotional realms impact upon you negatively and you free up space and allow.

By letting go, we do not walk away from that which we love or that which we care about or feel committed to. By letting go we release the tension of holding on. We acquire the ability to release that which does not serve us and open ourselves up to another way. 

Let go, trust and allow

My Scottish Gran used to say to me, ‘What’s meant for you won’t pass you by”.

I sincerely know this to be true. Still today, when I hear those words, I trust, with faith and clarity, that in letting go, we learn what is truly meant for us. However long it takes.

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