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Timeline Therapy®


Timeline therapy facilitates us accessing that which lies behind us or in front of us – past & futur

Timeline therapy facilitates us accessing that which lies behind us or in front of us – past & future,in order to improve and enhance the present.

A  safe and guided process. Making sense of  the information you have stored into a more healthy and balanced filing system.

We are not removing memories, we simply alter the emotions that may be attached to them. Discovering learnings together we are facilitating growth and positive change to bring into our current reality.

Timeline Therapy® assists you in accessing anything that is holding you back. It enables you to be your present, authentic, empowered self.

With Timeline Therapy, we can access the timeline of your life, both past, present and future. Without having to go into details of any issues or trauma. We can pinpoint areas that you would like to release, heal or shift your perception on.

This guided therapy allows you to access certain parts of your life that either consciously or sub-consciously impact you.

At times we may not consciously remember, however we can find the root of a behaviour or concern and release the emotions attached to it.  This alters how we relate to that memory in a positive way.

Timeline Therapy is a specific process created by Tad James. It allows the client to release negative emotions, eliminate limiting decisions  to create a positive future.

Sessions are 125€ per 90 minutes or available as part of a pre paid NLP Package. (plus 21% iva)

Longer term package deals can be arranged at an agreed fee following consultation.

YOUR INITIAL 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION IS FREE. Please get in touch so that we can tidy up your timeline and allow you to live with more impact in the now.