Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Bodhisattva from Mahayana

For 2023 I wish for all of us Peace of mind.

Peace of mind is hugely unconsidered by the young and highly sought after by the elders of the world. It may be hard for some to accept or grasp if they have no experience of this place. Even for those who practice and study the philosophies of spirituality and oneness. We are all human and we all falter at times. Coming back to centre, back to a place of connectedness, compassion and balance. A place of unity is where we find peace of mind. 

It has been a very difficult year for many. Everyone in some way or other has been challenged in 2022. Huge changes and shifts in world dynamics and our understanding of how our system operates instigating a mass awakening. Whatever our circumstances we all have had to face harsh realities this year and all have had lessons to learn.

Accepting what is in our immediate experience and choosing to learn from it is where we can find some peace. Learning to connect to peace within ourselves feels good. Furthermore, when we achieve it, we can then share that with others. This definitely helps us to feel more content. 

Expressing ourselves freely

Shining our light and expressing ourselves freely ignites an ability in others to do the same.  Being our true selves has a knock on effect. Again, it seems to bring elements of happiness, not only to us but to those around us. 

I live my life with a wonderful man who encourages me to be me and to express myself freely. He and I cohabit in a safe and secure environment where trust and communication can thrive. We are free to be ourselves fully. As a result of that, we are able to celebrate our individuality. Whilst understanding and respecting that we are also part of something much bigger than ourselves, part of a whole. This ‘whole’ is all of nature, everything with life force in it. Understanding moreover, that we are not separate from it, bigger than, better than, lesser than any other element of nature. It is liberating and life enhancing if we allow ourselves to feel connected.

Connect to a space of peace in your minds eye

I closed my eyes as a child and instinctively looked into an ‘egg of light’ behind my eye lids. It was a place of peace that I remember vividly. I could always go there. It worked well for me as a child. I had many years where I forgot and did not practice. I lost my way for a while, as we all do. At a time in my life when I really needed it, I realised I had to reconnect. Now, I practice often and so can you!

If we allow life to drag us back or push us forward we overthink and can be consumed by emotions. It happens. Coming back to that egg of light in our minds eye, we can connect with an expanse of inner peace.  Practice is what helps us to be in that place. Connection to this place is what connects us to spirit and to peace.

Take responsibility for your actions and behaviours

There are many things that can corrupt our peace of mind. We may experience anxiety and worry, essentially by not being in the now and by being somewhere past or future. Allowing others behaviours to influence us or direct us can take us off our path. Because something is right for one it may not be right for another. It is essential to know ourself well enough to know when to say yes and when to say no. Clarity here, for peace of mind, along with healthy boundaries and the ability to speak up are key. Also essential, is taking full responsibility for our own actions and behaviours.

Free will

We all have free will. We have been encouraged in many ways to express ourselves as individuals. In most ways this is healthy and beneficial to the soul. However, there is an element of ego that comes into play when this sense of being is out of balance. There is potential in our world for people to go too far sometimes. Perhaps they develop an over inflated sense of entitlement about a thing. A feeling of superiority or even inferiority and insecurity at times. Comparison or competitiveness (something which is very much encouraged in todays world in many ways) can be a cause. Expectation, a need for more, a feeling of lack, a drive for power or excess in all kinds of areas. These are all signs that our ego is in the drivers seat.

If this resonates, read my June 2022 blog:

There has been a confusion that material wealth, possessions and attaining more will bring peace of mind, security. The truth is, it will not. It cannot. For this is not the nature of the universe in its essence. Our true wealth is in our interconnectedness with all beings, with all consciousness, with physical and spiritual realms. In the centred connection of our body-mind-spirit and in authentic connections with each other we find true peace of mind. 

I wish for us all more compassion and kindness

I sincerely wish for us all in 2023 to relax into being authentic and connect on all levels. Firstly with ourselves, and secondly with each other, with more compassion and kindness.

This year I will be sharing spaces for meditation sessions. Come and connect. Tune into the egg of light that lies within you. A place of peace, calm and balance already exists within you. Let’s do this.


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