Stay in your own lane!

Stay in your own lane!

Focus on your strengths and life itself becomes a creative meditation.

When we focus on our strengths, everyone benefits.

Stay in your own lane is a commonly used phrase. One that suggests that we stay within the boundaries of our own path. Mind our own business. Keep our head down and get on with our own thing. It may be used to advise a person when they are talking about a subject that they are not very qualified to talk about. In a way, if we each stay in our own lane, we can focus on our strengths and we can create a highway of unique possibilities.

When we look to others for approval or we look outside of ourselves and compare our path to another person’s, inevitably it brings in questions, perhaps doubts and definite bumps in the road. Not only do we feel judged, but we are judging. Comparisons really are pointless because each of us is unique and 2 different parts don’t really compare, so comparison is irrelevant.

When we look outside of ourselves, or too much to the past or future we get out of sync with the here & now and can experience sadness, worry, even depression or anxiety. Focussing solely on the path beneath our own feet and forward in the direction that we choose to move, allows us to be present. Doing the things that we love to do with the people that we choose to do them with and honouring our choices and enjoying them step by step, day by day. Life becomes a pleasant journey. When we understand that we can choose moment by moment, our lane becomes full of possibilities.

Invariably as we meet others along the way, our path may change and as we invite others to share our lives our lane may expand to include space for theirs to run along-side us. Yet our own lane remains independent, with our own individual blueprint, vibrating at a frequency that is in harmony with our own life force, first and foremost. Then it can harmonise or not with those around us.

If at times we get swept away on living someone else’s idea of who we are and we lose ourselves somewhat, under another’s influence, or if we try and be someone that we are not, this invariably will impact negatively upon us or maybe it just won’t last. It’s impossible for us to flow in a life that is designed for us by someone else. So, finding your truth, your voice, your purpose can only be found in your own lane.

So many parents, teachers, those who think they know best may tell a child, student, client how and what they ‘should’ be, only for that person then to experience unhappiness or struggle. The truth is, the only person who knows those answers is the individual themselves.

As a coach or guide I simply work as a facilitator to empower people to know for themselves. In NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy all the answers come from within the clients own knowing. In Access Consciousness we are empowering people to know that they know.

All your answers are already within you. It’s in the unlearning of everything you’ve been told that you will remember who you are. We can of course, create ourselves as a persona to present to the world, yet it is certainly much more rewarding to do the inner work and reveal your true nature. This is your super power, being fully authentically you. There is only 1 of you, so there are no comparisons and when you embrace that fully, then you can really enjoy yourself and shine.

Staying in your own lane enables a freedom and creativity that is in line with your own soul. Not being outwardly influenced nor attempting to influence others. It encourages flow and effortlessness can be a part of that flow. Acceptance, taking off any pressure to be anything other than who or what you are. Learning to appreciate difference, diversity and the infinite possibilities that exist within us and amongst us.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad in a realm where people are doing no harm. When we stay in our lane, we embrace our uniqueness and empower others to do the same. We get into alignment with our own purpose and sense of self.

It is here that we will thrive.

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