It strikes me in the midst of world chaos, the importance of maintaining connection with other people. From the safety of Sitges, I am grateful daily for our warm bed, shelter, food and general state of well-being. However, the world at large can be somewhat overwhelming. The conflict, uncertainty and pain of so many people undoubtedly resonates and reaches us energetically, wherever we are in the world. We may consciously or unconsciously be impacted by this. The current wars, happening in countries around us, as we live our daily lives invariably affects us.

The truth is, we are not responsible for this, yet we are aware.  Then we must continue to live and work and somehow integrate this energy, knowingly or not. We are conscious that these atrocities are happening and then we have to carry on with our routines. Many of us manage to. Yet still, many experience anxiety, frustration, depression, confusion and fatigue. World events outside our control are a huge cause of negative states and emotions.

As part of a holistic health community and as an Access Consciousness Practitioner, I am very aware of energy. As someone who experienced panic attacks as a younger person, due to high sensitivity and life events, I am attuned to regulating anxiety or overwhelm. Still, without connection to others in our community, I would feel alone and challenged to deal with everything that our current system and society is living through.

I am part of the Sitges Business Women’s network, founded just out of lockdown by local entrepreneurs. In our twice monthly meetings, women from the area can present their work, lead a workshop or share practices to promote themselves and support other women in the network. These meetings continue to provide a safe and valuable space to open up and connect. It is an undoubted contribution to strengthening ones resolve in dealing with the world and continuing to create business in a healthy state. Simply knowing that others can see you and you see them, allows us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Monday morning Breakfast Networking Workshop with Anokhiom at Sitges Business Women’s Network
Breakfast Networking Workshop with Yoky Yu

Space for Art Studio in Sant Pere de Ribes also offers a space to connect, learn and develop with like-minded entrepreneurs, artists and those open to growth. They provide a monthly Coffee Morning Talks platform for talks and presentations. This platform enables people to share their story, their work and passions and to have a voice.

This human connection forms a fundamental part of our capacity to navigate the world in a healthy state of mind. Without it, we are islands. Interactive community activities are proven to have a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. By being socially connected we develop more stability through supportive relationships and are better able to cope with any challenges that we face.

In my own experience from participating in these groups, I have felt a great sense of empowerment. Having a voice and being heard, listening to others and understanding that we are not alone, is a truly vital component of a healthy mind and community. Recently I discovered another networking group Mujeres Creadoras en Red, which I look forward to attending in the near future.

Whatever is going on in the world at large, when we nurture our own well-being and take time to connect, we find strength. We find connections that can be profound, creating lasting bonds that are inspirational and integral to a healthy community.

Stay connected!

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