The Access Bars® Class 

The Access Bars® Class 

380Full Day

“BECOME AN ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS PRACTITIONER This 1 day intensive training will provide you with th


This 1 day intensive training will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a fully certified Access Consciousness BARS Practitioner.

The Access Bars® Class  (in ENGLISH) held in Sitges


SATURDAY16th March, 2024!!

Bars Class in English

Do you feel called to live differently? To expand into a greater version of yourself?

Join the quest to deprogram humanity

Join the quest to deprogram humanity from limiting beliefs imposed from a fear-based structure and Access Consciousness to live with more ease.

Anything is possible if you choose it!

Join us on SATURDAY 16th MARCH from 10am – 19h

This one-day intensive provides a simple and powerful technique and tools that can and will change your life.

Access your consciousness, release what you don’t need, dissolve limitations and access a space where you can receive and create something completely different.

During the day you will receive:

💫 Tools that you can put into practice to change your life.

💫 Manual and bars charts to instruct and guide you

💫 You will give and receive 2 Access Bars sessions

💫 A light lunch and snacks provided

💫 Ongoing support with Intercambio group opportunities

💫 A Community of Practitioners to encourage your path

💫 A whole new awareness of energy and creation

💫 A fresh approach to move forward in the world

💫 The ability to share these skills and practices with others

💫  Contribute to significant change in peoples lives

💫 A new source of income by giving sessions to others

If you’re interested to learn



If you feel called, I can highly recommend this training from my heart and state with conviction that it has changed my life for the better.

Elvira certified in October 2023
Andrea and Muna April 2023

Cecile and Mariia Certified participants 11.03.2023

“It was a great pleasure to learn from Liza! A great experience indeed!
Thank you, and hope to see you again!” Maria Mkrtchian (Who travelled from Paris)

Leslie, Joanna and Kelly          February 2023 Bars Class

“I recommend Lisa 11/10. I took an Access Consciousness Bars class with her and it was a life-changing experience. Not only is she an experienced practitioner and a knowledgeable teacher, but also a beautiful and loving human being. Her responsiveness and wit make learning a pleasure.”  Joanna Draus, @YourVeganCoach

Intense but fun!

“Fantastic Access Bars session with Lisa, learning to become a practitioner. I felt very welcome, safe and supported through the whole process. The after effects of also giving and receiving the bars was quite incredible- feeling much lighter and joyful :)”

Emma Reynolds, MBSR Mindfulness (November 30th, 2022)

Emma & Nan-C Bars Class Nov 2022

“Whether you know what Access BARs are, whether you have no idea, Lisa is the one you want to go to for a relaxing, refreshing, possibly life changing experience.
In a charming, calm, safe space taking advantage of Lisa’s expertise is one of the best things you can gift to yourself.
Loved every single minute of it!” 

Timea Styt (Bars Class July 2022)

“Having read a little about the advertised course I felt drawn to it. The day was very intense, however with Lisa it seemed to flow – she is a remarkable tutor and mentor. Attending this course has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and also how to enable others. I highly recommend it – it can definitely aid your wellbeing – ‘How does it get any better than this?

Thank you Lisa”

Elaine Aarons

Elaine & Shelagh Certified in North Cyprus

Running your BARS and doing it for other people is a safe and effective way to release unwanted electro magnetic energy of stored thoughts, beliefs and opinions, many of which no longer serve us.

The BARS are 32 points on your head that when gently touched release the energetic charge. Leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and more free.

32 points on the head

Please contact me directly if you are interested in this training . . .

“Thank you Lisa for my training in Access Consciousness and for helping me to achieve my qualification as a Bars Practitioner.  It was a very interesting and an intense day but we had some laughs throughout the day and of course a lovely lunch. I am a teacher in my own right and believe you are a born educator who makes learning fun. I feel privileged for you to help me on my bars journey. I found the training day very relaxed and informative with plenty hands on practice. During receiving hands on practice I experienced results which were private to me, however I know that running the bars works from personal experience.  it can take up to 4 sessions for some releases and strangely enough it was my fourth during the training, as I had previously had three sessions with Lisa. I’d recommend to anyone to take at least 4 sessions for best results although sometimes the results can be immediate. There is no way of telling.”

Shelagh Bolton

Course participants UK
Intensive and fun!

Full day training for 1st time participants – 300€
This includes all the above plus refreshments and full certificate to practice plus registration with – where a record of your achievement is taken and added to your credits. If you would then like to further develop in your Access Consciousness training – your progress is documented and further professional development in Access processes possible and underway.

50% discount for Bars Practitioners repeating training in order to become a facilitator.

What else is possible? How does it get any better than this?

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory

Change Your Reality


Give & Receive 2 Bars sessions within the day


Receive International Certification

“Well how on earth do I put this experience into words to do the training justice! A wonderful eye opening day that has provided my with new eyes. Hands on (which is how I like to learn) with discussions throughout – linking to our own personal experiences, how our thoughts have developed, our attitudes to life and how to change these for the better with access bars and lifestyles. Truly was a wonderful day which my son also experienced with me practicing the bars. Apart from the well put together training day it was really the facilitator that made it authentic, relaxed with an open personality to real life and the experiences and feelings we have. The access bars had already had a positive impact on my life and now as a Bars Practitioner my eyes and heart are fully open to the wonders of life and what it has to offer. Truly life changing! Thanking you Lisa x”

Melanie Wetton


Access Bars Class in English
JULY 2023
Saturday 4th February 2023


April 22nd, 2022


Once you are a Practitioner you are advised to practice around 25 times to hone your personal skills.

You are also Certified to offer this service professionally . . .