Where do we find Peace?

Where do we find Peace?

As I look around Sitges and see, hear, sense, feel the energies of all the different people, the communications, the diversity, the extremes, I find it deeply interesting how we each create our own reality.

These are very interesting times. We are living in a world divided by misinformation. Conflict is everywhere on the global political network. We really cannot trust the mainstream media to provide truth as we are not even sure that they are permitted to speak it. In this climate and world full of ‘stories’ and to be quite frank, chaos, where do we find our peace?

Although there is so much in the world that is dark, there is also an equal amount of light. Recently I was reading the words of Abraham Hicks, a reassurance that although at times the world feels like too much of this and not enough of that, it is in fact in total balance. Just as much good exists as bad. It is up to us where we put our focus.

Everyone has challenging times. Everyone! Nobody escapes life’s tides and waves. Energy is this way. Of all the diversity of people and circumstance, it is unquestionable that people fundamentally want some very basic things to have purpose and peace in their lives. I learned a very long time ago that we are all on a sliding scale of mental health. This is impacted daily by our surroundings and experience.

When life is challenging what do we need? When life is great what do we need? We may be very different in how we live, what our preferences are, how much we have or don’t have. What we believe to be important and how we perceive the world.  Amidst all of this, basically, all we each need is love and connection. When it comes down to the foundation of feeling peace, these aspects of life are paramount.

This is something worth investing our time and energy on. It can be so easy to be swept away by life, by fear. Yet so much more rewarding to choose and be selective with how we create our lives and where we put our focus. What do we really want? Who do we truly connect with? How happy can we really be? Where do we find all of this? What choices are we making and how much awareness or not do we have about that?

We are all choosing our experiences. Consciously or subconsciously. We each have our own map of reality based on our internal representations of the world. These are formed over time by our instilled values and the programmes we have running based on what we have seen, heard, felt, learned and created. Perception is projection. We perceive and we project. We create our reality.

How conscious are you of this? Are you choosing your life? Is this happening to you or are you creating it? There is a certain amount of entropy in life, when left unchecked it will create more disorder. We each have a responsibility to keep that in check. From the richest of the rich in both wealth and happiness to the poorest of the poor sitting in the doorways begging. I often ask myself how does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

We are each responsible for our own journey. Does everyone know this? I feel it is part of my purpose on the planet to empower those that don’t. This is why I’m here. Do you know why you are here?  What is your story? What do you need? How do you fit into the big picture?

I’d love to hear from you.

As a certified NLP Coach, Timeline® Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Access Consciousness Facilitator, it is my mission to connect people with their inner peace. Who knows, perhaps even find joy.

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