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In this digital age, are we losing our humanity?

For all my commitment to peace, love, ease and joy, which I whole heartedly believe in, for balance, we must also speak up and stand in our truth. In an…. Read More

Yes or No?

How easy is it to stand in your truth, speak honestly and freely all the time and just do your own thing without feeling obliged to others or guilty for…. Read More

Yielding & Choosing

It’s been way too long since I wrote here! So much has happened in the world and in our lives. We are essentially living in a different world now than…. Read More

Stick to the paths!

My friend and I always used to say “stick to the paths! “This statement, said, in a joking way, but also with serious connotations, was to encourage one another not…. Read More


FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND DO IT ON PURPOSE! To find out who you are can be a bit of a journey. First of all you have to understand…. Read More

LIKING LIFE and finding satisfaction

Waking up each morning to embrace a new day. Is it always embraced? Appreciated? Opening our eyes to join a world, a dimension that we wake into, again and again….. Read More