Yielding & Choosing

Yielding & Choosing

It’s been way too long since I wrote here! So much has happened in the world and in our lives. We are essentially living in a different world now than before. Much is changed. Including us.

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write here. I have been keeping busy with one thing and another. I could have made time, therefore, I have to put it down to choice. Although writing for me is a great reflective tool and creative outlet. My personal journals are full and brimming with reflections, for some reason I didn’t make time to blog here. Until now!

Yielding to the choices we make, whether conscious or subconscious, once we realise them, accepting them and owning them is much more empowering than believing we had no choice. Every day I could have chosen to sit here and write, it seems there was no motivation for it.

Something has shifted. I have just turned 49! Years have passed in a blink. Time is precious. Words are magic. Sometimes we have to journey within to then venture out again and vice versa. I am not the same person I was 2 years ago. I am embracing the changes and savouring the richness of this appreciation.

What can be seen and viewed as procrastination could well be a fermentation period. My soul marinating in the sauce of life. Letting go of so much. Investing my heart into my truth and authentic self. Not always an easy process as we undo all the learnings and deep rooted conditioning of the past.

Sometimes things take longer than we might imagine. Others, they can be much quicker. I’m smiling now as I have reached a place where I can recognise and instantaneously transform any old habits if and when they appear. I have honed my awareness now to such a degree that I can allow life to flow through me with much more ease. I find much more humour in the times that don’t go so smoothly and I accept that every action or reaction is a choice.

If we are running on auto pilot and our subconscious programmes are in play, we many not necessarily notice when our behaviour is not in our best interests. Or, we do notice but it’s too late and after the fact. Coming to a place of knowing when this is happening, essentially enables a new way forward.

Yielding when necessary. Making choices every step of the way! Acceptance, allowing, breathing and flowing. Having awareness when resistance or tension creeps in and choosing to let it go, let it flow, enabling more relaxation, joy and enjoyment of life.

What power do we have to create the life we desire? Choice followed by action can create magic. It also creates consequence and so to be mindful in our steps is the kindest way forward for ourselves and for those around us. Sometimes it is good to take time out. Then, when we are ready, we can step right back into our power.

I’m excited to share more recent developments with you. It’s good to be back!

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