Access Consciousness – Energetic Facelift

Access Consciousness – Energetic Facelift

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Energetic Facelift is a soothing and deeply relaxing hands on treatment. This gentle and powerful non-surgical

Energetic Facelift is a soothing and deeply relaxing hands on treatment.

This gentle and powerful non-surgical procedure leaves more than just your face and body uplifted.

De-stress and release tension whilst at the same time rejuvenating your face and energy.

This treatment when repeated up to 20 times will reverse the appearance of ageing.

Stimulating the mind-body connection with a series of gentle touches upon the face, neck and head whilst listening to specifically designed cellular instructions aimed at a sub-conscious level.

You will notice a difference after 1 session. With a commitment to 20 sessions you will see and feel a difference that lasts.

The benefits of this healing process must be experienced to be fully appreciated!

Before Energetic Facelift
After 1 session of Energetic Facelift
After 1 session of Energetic Facelift










People who have received this process have reported:

  • Smoother, Clearer, Radiant, Tighter, Healthier, Glowing & Younger Looking Skin
  • Reduction Of Lines, Scars, Pigmentation, Wrinkles & Swelling
  • Lifted, Leaner, More Perky Brows, Neck, Breasts, Bottom, And All-Over Body Lift
  • Soothing Of Inflamed, Itching, Erupting Skin Conditions
  • Feeling Energised
  • Feeling Relaxed
  • Release From Trauma & Emotions
  • Improved Eyesight
  • Greater Confidence

Side Effects Include:

  • Possibilities for your life showing up better than you may have ever imagined
  • Experiencing A Life Lift, With More Energy, Stability & Clarity In All Areas Of Life!

What else is possible for your face and body?

  • Clients will notice a visible difference in their skin quality and tone and feel extremely relaxed and calmed.

Multiple sessions are encouraged for longevity of results and optimum benefit. Energetic Facelift is beneficial not only to the face but transmits the energies for balancing throughout the whole body.

  • There Is NO Surgical Procedure
  • NO Injections, Peels Or Drugs
  • NO Recovery Time
  • NO Facial Exercises
  • NO Creams Or Products To Buy Or Use
  • NO Lengthy Consultations And NO Risk

You can see the difference from one session, just imagine what if would be like if you had 20 sessions…Results are significant and long lasting.

Visit me at my home based treatment room or book a home visit.

Gently applied pressure to lift your energy
Access Energetic Facelift

Sessions are 60€ per hour – 20% discount applies to prepaid block bookings of 20 sessions. 20 sessions is recommended for long lasting visible results (Please add 21% Iva to prices shown)


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