LIKING LIFE and finding satisfaction

LIKING LIFE and finding satisfaction

Waking up each morning to embrace a new day. Is it always embraced? Appreciated? Opening our eyes to join a world, a dimension that we wake into, again and again. Are we consciously waking? Every moment is an opportunity to understand what life is. Connecting with our breath, the spirit self, to take the time to like life. To enjoy the experience and to find satisfaction in the opportunity, simply to wake and open eyes anew each and every day.

As we go about our day, sometimes taking on things to do, on other days choosing not to do so much, we can learn to appreciate our own natural rhythms. Finding satisfaction has something to do with doing what we like, what feels good, what energises us or relaxes us, being able to consciously choose the experience we are creating. It is not just simply happening to us. We are not helpless in the flow of life. Although sometimes we have no control over what is flowing towards us, via us, at us, we always have the choice to control how we respond to it. This clearly can be changeable. Some may find it possible to always respond to life with calm and peace, with kindness and gratitude, yet at times it is possible to slip from response to reaction. If we like life, even reaction can be fun, humorous, acceptable. We love one another and take care of each other, even when sometimes we falter. Lose patience, change tone, momentarily don’t like life. It happens sometimes. Doesn’t it?

It’s fleeting really. However, for some the pendulum swing of loving life through times of maybe not so loving life, is inevitable, whether that be a small amount or a lot, barely noticeable to severely bi-polar. I have always said, it’s all about balance and it is in this pendulum swing of life that we can consciously notice our patterns in the motion. Nothing is static, everything is transient. In observation that fact is a saving grace for the soul. For whatever is happening we can always know that this too shall pass. When the air around is disturbed and we feel ourselves being pulled gently or by force into a feeling or energy that we don’t enjoy, we can choose and simply be at our centre. In a breath and with intention, to the centre of our minds eye, our heart and lower energy centre, we breathe and align, expand and contract, accept and release and at the point where heaven and earth meet we  consciously become the physical manifestation of that said meeting point. We are life. It is us. Us are we. We are it. We are consciousness. Each day when we wake anew to live another day, we might as well like it. In fact, we might as well go all the way and love it.

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