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This is where we must come back to ourselves. This is where we have to seriously consider our actions and how we spend our time. Where we put our energy and where we focus our mind and hearts. It is in the realms of trust that we must essentially be responsible for our actions, thoughts and general day-to-day choices and decisions. There is one person essentially that we need to trust and that is our ourselves.

At a time of making some life-changing decisions, I ask myself, am I being led by my ego or by my soul? Am I making the right choice at this fork in the road? Am I being misguided by fear? And ultimately how do I trust myself to make the right decision? A very important part of getting through in life’s mish mash of ‘made up’.

What’s right for one is not essentially right for another! So asking others what is right for you isn’t always the best option. They can only answer from their own perspective, and of course, that can’t possibly be the same as yours, even if it comes close. We are all seeing the world from our own unique perspective and guaranteed, the picture is somehow certainly different.

So we have a choice to make, it’s not really important what it is. It could be a job change or a move. Do I stay or do I go? as an example. Say over night, you have a revelation that you ought to leave your job of several years.  You think, I ought to leave this job that I kind of fell into and follow my heart and passion. Reclaim the time I spend there to pave my path in a new direction. You feel called to do something from your heart, but it does mean giving up the safety net that this job provides and taking a leap of faith into the unknown in order to free up the time to do the things that you would really like to do.

What do we do in these situations? We talk to our friends. We ask our parents. We discuss it with others to make sense of our own feelings. We all do it. I have done it too and each time I spoke to someone who offered practical, safe advice, albeit factual at times, I felt the rebellion of my soul rise up and show me the way. My mind figuring out all the reasons why I have to be safe and follow the rules, my heart telling me to run in the direction of my dreams, throw caution to the wind, take the risk, jump, keep the faith and do it. Wow, the turmoil it creates if you allow it. The conflict of ego and soul we feel when in the midst of confirming the decision. It is however already made. Soul knows which one is which, ego says one thing, soul says another. We just have to learn to listen and trust in order to hear and walk our path.

I trust myself to make the right choice and then I trust myself to take action. The urges to do what we do, the feelings that drive us, come from somewhere. An inner voice encouraging us along to find our own paths. Learning to discern the voices in the mind, which to listen to and which to ignore, is a skill to be honed over time. Understanding what is fear and what is love inspired.

To realise our own dreams, our own purpose, we sometimes have to take a leap of faith. Into an abyss of uncertainty we go, making choices based on our heart and passion rather than choices based on fear. What if we can do this confidently because we trust our own heart and mind connection so deeply that fear has no place in our decisions?

I am grateful for trust. Without it I am ruled by fear. Fear instilled by others, by the world, by the media, by the inane practicalities of life to survive, to fit in. Paying bills becomes paramount and we are slave to the cycles of life implemented on our behalf.  Since learning again to trust myself, just as I did as a young child, working intuitively, instinctively, I find myself back in my natural power.

When we trust ourselves we do not need to look to others for reassurance or permission. We can embrace our choices confidently and do not feel insecure or paranoid about things. Trusting ourselves and those around us, enables a life of ease and joy. It is an essential to living a balanced and happy life.

With trust for ourselves nurtured, we can confidently take one step at a time, moment by moment making choices as we go. One decision informs the next and we begin to discover the magic of the moment.

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  1. Shelagh

    Very true and very apt for me to read this at the moment. İ can trust myself but find it hard to trust some of those around me. İ usually ask all my friends opinions, but yes you our right the answer comes from within eventually. When trusting your decisions i am asking does it feel heavy or does it feel light. Always going for the light option now. İf its light its right! (Thanks for teaching me that one when you taught me the bars). Lots of love and

  2. Lisa Natasha

    Thanks Shelagh 🙂 Yes, it feels light, it’s right! 🙂 Trust your internal guidance system. Trust your intuition. Listen xxx with love

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