If we are lucky, we can rest. We can take time out and be still. A blessing if we can. Again, the system in which we live pushes us to keep on keeping on, when we are sick, when we are worn out. It offers up pharmaceutical support to keep us going, effectively encouraging us to ignore the signals of our body telling us to stop. Pills and powdered drinks to assist us working through the headaches, fiercely promoted through television & media advertising, encouraging us to carry on, even with flu like symptoms, dull the aches and pains with toxic painkillers. Of course they’re not sold as toxic, they’re sold as medicine.

What is the world coming to when we reach a stage of recognising this ‘mistake’ and still continue to allow it to be sold as the solution to tiredness, fatigue and sickness? Ultimately, what it does is create more sickness.  Look at the ‘possible side effects’ on some of these legal drugs and compare them to the side effects of the illegal drugs to know that potentially dangerous substances are being sold to us as medicine, whilst true medicines, natural foods, herbs, plants, seeds, vegetables are being poisoned with pesticides. Mind enhancing, uplifting drugs are made illegal on the basis that they are dangerous and it’s all done blatantly and is accepted in the mainstream, even though many people know that this is not in our best interests.

We cannot ignore the signs of our body. We have to accept that this amazing biological creation is in fact highly intelligent of it’s own accord. We have to reach a point where we are able to process the information and make informed decisions for ourselves, regardless of what we are told! We have to choose what is right for us based on our instinct and internal guidance system, not follow blindly a system that does not have our best interests at heart. Our bodies speak and listen cell by cell, internally and externally and yet we have allowed our brains to be programmed to such an extent that we ignore our higher self, our inner voice and we forget about our minds eye.

The higher self, the soul if you like, is the part of us that is more connected to other realms, more than this 3 dimensional physical experience. We all have a soul and an inner voice. Some of us can hear it. Some of us are confused which voice in our head it is.  All I can say about how to recognise which voice is which is that the one that makes you feel good, calm, focused, assured, that is your higher self and the one that makes you anxious, nervous and fearful is your ego.  It is the ego that can be subjected to programming. It is the ego that thinks it’s saving us, through fear. At times perhaps it has! We can’t deny this part of ourselves, it’s important that we understand how to keep things in balance.

The ego is over indulged in mainstream media, stuffed full of stimulus to keep it thriving. There has been an attempt to terminally confuse us and separate us from our higher selves.  Connection to our higher self is the break through of our awakening. It is happening. Gradually around the world the light is coming on as more and more light-bearers shine their lights and ignite the light within others.  It is actually essential that when we get tired we rest.  Just like the analogy of putting on your own oxygen mask before you help others, if you have no energy, what can you give? It is not wrong to be tired, to need refuge. It is not wrong to have to go within and re-connect with your centre. I keep coming back to centre. This is my saving grace, a place of grounded energy, aligned and in balance. It is what I teach now in my private classes teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation and in doing so I keep myself in balance.

13 years of Kung Fu led me into other ancient martial practices. After studying stage combat choreography, I found myself on my 3rd course and 3rd gold certification, at advanced level. I suppose I was channeling my energy, searching for my true path by following my passions and inspirations. However, again, I was pushing myself when I was tired. I was breaking out of a destructive relationship and driven to do something rewarding for myself. By 2011 I had come a long way, however I got hurt and sustained a deep tissue injury to my shoulder, whilst sword fighting. A combination of over exertion and perhaps too relaxed instruction and in the blink of an eye, I had an injury that would take years to heal and potentially flare up long term during times of over exertion or stress of any kind.  An on site energy healer spent some time with me and he said ‘Less Kung Fu, more Qigong’.  I listened.

Listening is a very undervalued skill. Listening is an essential part of evolution. Listening is another essential aspect of spiritual awakening. If you can hear and listen to your higher self, connect with what is right for you on your path, your river will begin to flow with a force and life becomes effortless. No more swimming against the tide, and when the tide turns we can learn to accept and surrender. When we are tired we rest, when we are hungry we eat, when we are energised we are productive, when we lack something we can generate, create, find whatever it is we need. When we have no energy to give, we must learn to float, to rest.to ask for help and to allow ourselves to receive it.

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