Be in balance


It’s important to be connected with ourselves. Ignoring signs of disconnection is fatal to the well being of the spirit, the mind and ultimately the body. So many people experience ‘burn out’ as a result of this disconnection and I am talking from personal experience of a near complete burn out. It is part of our path of healing and transformation to get the essential aspects of life experience in balance.

Working 50 – 80 hours a week is not necessarily a virtue, however, some would believe it is, as I did for some time.  To be seen as hard-working, striving to achieve, produce, create, build,  when internally we are actually falling apart, whether we are aware of it or not, because we can’t keep it up and eventually something has to give. It is important for us to let our intuition flow, to trust our inner guidance system. If we are so tired, worn out and over-worked, burning the candle at both ends, we are not truly listening to our higher self.  The signals from our inner guidance system are ignored or muted. We are very likely living up to what we have been taught, shown within a broken and fragmented culture. Doing what is expected of us, or what we think is expected of us. Making bad choices. Trying to please everyone by being everywhere and doing everything. Staying in relationships that are not healthy or good for us! Having done it, in retrospect I have to consider what was I trying to prove? Why and to whom?

When what we think and what we say and what we do are not in alignment then there is still work to be done for our Body, Mind, Spirit balance. How wonderful it is to find a space where all 3 are in sync. How powerful our actions become when they are thoroughly in alignment. How strong our essence is when each is the same. We feel strong, in balance, sure and secure, safe and grounded, balanced, focussed and in alignment. To be in this state takes constant awareness and care. We may have fleeting moments of it or find that we have achieved it for a week or month or a year and then intermittently we may also lose it again, for varying amounts of time and for numerous and colourful reasons. Life.

Our body is a vessel, a gift of a vehicle in which to ride.  An amazing creation of nature that enables us to move, to feel, to create, to interact, to travel, to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, to taste, temporarily for a time. We cannot underestimate the awesomeness of this. Our bodies are fantastic biological machines, that walk and talk and are able to think for themselves within the realms of and with the support of Mind and Spirit.

Mind is what enables us to think, to feel, to be aware of the world around us. Mind is what connects us to consciousness and thought, intelligence, understanding and perception of the world. It has the capacity to take us on many journeys, both through imagination and reasoning. Mind is supremely powerful and it is up to us to learn how to keep it in balance. Out of balance, mind is potentially disastrous and even dangerous. When mind is in balance with body and with spirit then it is actively creative and can be used in the greatest of ways.

Spirit is something else entirely. Our spirit is eternal. Our spirit is what embodies the vessel of the body and the mind. It is bigger than both. It is our essence, our soul, it is our character and perhaps the seat of our emotions. I believe the spirit expands outside the physical body and is able to travel outside of the body and this in fact is what exists in our sleeping dreams. Spirit is our higher self and we can, when in alignment with body and mind, call upon spirit to guide us to be in balance.

We are in fact an amazing collaboration of body, mind and spirit and if we didn’t know it was real and true because we are it, we possibly wouldn’t believe it was possible. To have them in balance, essentially, is the key to a wonderful life.

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