We all have that voice /or voices in our head that pops up intermittently amidst the noise of the world. Everyone has their opinion, suggestions, ideas, wants, needs, desires and preferences that they project out and onto us. It may be as simple as wanting you to do something or go somewhere or as huge as making life decisions on your behalf.

Learning to listen to your inner guidance amidst the noise of the outside world

We all have those that we turn to for advice and guidance in times of uncertainty. Those that we listen to and appreciate and value. There are also a sea of voices that we don’t need to listen to, sometimes even including the voice in our head that is related to ego or fear. This voice is a programme running which can be based on our perceptions of what others think. Really, over thinking is not a good thing!

We can discern between which is which voice and understand what is holding us back from living our best life, as we slow down, quieten our mind, feel our own internal rhythm and make space to know what is right for us. We can trust our own inner guidance more and more to make the best possible personal choices.

Regardless of what others may think or feel is best for us, when we develop a trusting relationship with ourselves, we are empowered to know that we know!

Trusting your intuition

There are layers to the onion of knowing, with multiple factors as to why people don’t listen to themselves. When they don’t they often realise that the niggling feeling or hunch that they had instinctively was right all along.  As we learn to recognise this and listen, we develop a stronger more focused and intuitive sense of self.

For example, something tells you that you don’t wish to sit next to that person who just pulled out a chair for you and you do anyway out of politeness. 10 minutes later something about that interaction confirms to you that you didn’t want to be there. As you learn to notice and listen and respond to the initial instinct, it becomes easier to leave out the unpleasant experiences in life, however trivial. On a more serious level, it enables us to miss out on bad or worse experiences.

Of course, sometimes, the unpleasant experiences are valuable. They help us to hone our intuitive skills and remind us to listen to ourselves. Learning to trust, listen and respond accordingly is an immensely valuable skill set. Seemingly simple and yet intricately tied in with a great calling for discipline, integrity and self-empowered action.

It takes strength to stand in your truth

With discipline you can step outside of the expectations of others and do what’s right for you. You can say no, when everyone else is saying yes or visa versa, if that is what is right for you. It takes the integrity of an empowered person to get up and walk alone if necessary when they hear the calling of their own internal guidance.

It’s powerful to listen, especially to your soul. Take time to connect with yourself in quiet spaces. In nature, in meditation, in solitude to practice listening. Just like anything else, it takes your time and attention to sharpen this awareness.

Take time to connect with yourself

Ask yourself, are you empowered to make the right choices for you? Are you tuned into your intuition? Can you hear your own internal rhythm or are you washed away by the sea of noise and opinion that surrounds you or fills your mind from outside of yourself?

We are all somewhat influenced by the world around us. This is part of being human. When we call on our own spirit, on our own soul intelligence, higher self, whatever you wish to call it, we can then begin to share our gifts with the world. We all have them, however different and unique. We all have something to offer.

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