The question always empowers, stay with the question: What is this teaching me?

At challenging times, when life throws its inevitable curve balls at us, it’s important for us to be philosophical and to ask ourselves what is the lesson in this? What is this teaching me?

Things may occur that are beyond our control, things that in retrospect could have been different yet in the moment turned out wrong or to our detriment. We can be left dealing with consequences that undermine our stability, confidence, belief in others or even in ourselves and definitely in the system in which we currently live. We can find power when we ask, What is this teaching me?

As humans with a built-in navigation system of senses and emotions, we can be reactive. This is normal and it’s important that we accept and allow some space for reaction. Things can definitely be unfair, however, if we can then develop our awareness to a point of being able to breathe away any unhelpful and reactive words and actions, it’s possible then for us to reflect and respond in a more productive way.

Unjust circumstances occur every day, what are they teaching us?

All manner of difficult, unjust and even tragic circumstances occur in people’s lives every day. They can be minor or major, causing pain or even changing lives forever. Whatever it is, the impact of it is relative to the person experiencing it. What to some may be trivial, could to others seem like the end of the world. The greatest loss by some, dealt with calmly and in surrender by others.

Every person and perspective are unique. What gives people the resilience, the vulnerability, the strength and the ability to overcome? How do we let go of the emotions and focus on the learning?

The system we live in is not designed to acknowledge or respect uniqueness. Many situations are now dealt with by computer systems, automated services, telephone options channel us to further computerised departments and no one is really held accountable.

The frustrations that people feel about this increasing lack of humanity in our system can lead to unresolved situations. The people that used to help other people are impotent in their ability to do anything because ‘the computer says no’. People it seems no longer have authority in their jobs. We are all privy to an invisible authority that no-one is quite sure how to communicate with. In fact, it’s impossible to reach them.

So how do we deal with what comes up for us? The emotions, the frustrations, the disappointments when we are wronged and the system does not support us. When we see that all the mechanisms in place to protect us really don’t do that job at all.

How do we deal with what comes up for us? What is the lesson?

When we look outside of ourselves for the answer, we become dependent and disempowered. We can take the steps and go through the procedures that we can to get support, but regardless of the help we get from outside of us or not, the most important thing is how we respond.

We can reflect and internalise the experience, take time to process and understand the bigger picture. Everything that happens has something to teach us. If we can take the learning by asking what is this teaching us? We can then let go of the emotions attached to it. If we hold on to the drama, the impact, the injustice, the loss, whatever it is, we effectively damage ourselves. We may need to take some time out to do this. Listening to your needs in the moment and honouring what your body-mind-spirit is calling for will accelerate your ability to do what’s right in each moment.

If we let our heads get mixed up and confused with overthinking and judgement of any given situation it can get messy. If we go outward we may feel more confused. When we go inward, into our body, into our heart and connect with what this is teaching us, we can be more grounded. So, in any given situation, however hard, ask yourself – what is the lesson in this for me? Where is this leading? It may not be easy and it will feel challenging. How long we carry something is up to us. Give yourself the space to work through what  is necessary for you to break through any barriers.

Learn your lessons quickly and move on

Get back in the saddle, do what you can to resolve any issues and choose to live your life with as much joy as you can. Celebrate the wins, learn from the mistakes and keep on keeping on. In short, learn your lessons quickly and move on!

For assistance in discovering the tools to help you do this more easily, there are a number of practices that I offer to support you on your journey. Life can be a miracle and a challenge. There will always be ups and downs, navigating them in the changing weather is fundamental to your smooth journey.

Check out the Therapies tab for a list of options or see the events and workshops available including a forthcoming well-being fest on Saturday 17th September and a 3 day ‘Be in Balance’ retreat.



Choose what’s right for you! Learn your lessons quickly and move on!


It’s all about learning to surf, or swim or float. In the end, it’s all about Balance!

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