Equilibrium Real Retreats™️

Equilibrium Real Retreats™️

Bespoke Retreats

Equilibrium Real Retreats is a bespoke retreat service offering multiple day packages that include tailored ev

Equilibrium Real Retreats is a bespoke retreat service offering multiple day packages that include tailored events in blissful settings, with a focus on restoring and maintaining balance of body-mind-spirit, offering guests  a range of experiences from nurturing, support and relaxation to energising, uplifting revitalisation, coaching, group work and one-to-one support.

Do you have a good life Balance? Are you Working too hard? Are you living a party life-style? Burning the candle at both ends? Are you working too hard and doing too much of one thing and not enough to nurture yourself and your well-being?  Pushing and exceeding limits of the body and mind?

Real Retreats create a safe space for you to unwind, reflect, be honest with what your body-mind-spirit is calling for and offers space for you to take a break and find a path to balance!

Facilitated by New Lisa Life, Equilibrium – Real Retreats provide services from some of the best practitioners around, offering a range of holistic practices in beautiful locations to soothe your soul. We provide a space for you to genuinely connect and open completely to your authentic self. How much liberation can you feel with the space to expand fully into being you? How much freedom? How much joy?

Created with integrity to honour each participant and to work with you in a nurturing environment at a pace that suits each individual. With delicious healthy meals created consciously for each event.

Kindness. Calm. Recalibration. Listening. Honouring. Support. Communication. Balance.

We are now offering our first EQUILIBRIUM DAY RETREAT.

Ancient Balancing Practices with Julien Moreau and New Lisa Life

Ancient Balancing Practices – Equilibrium Day Retreat

Apr 16, 01:00 – 19:00
Would you benefit from stepping out of your routine for several hours? Switch off your phone! Take in the stunning view of Sitges. Participate in some nurturing energy practices and learn tools for rebalancing your mind-body and spirit. RELAX, LET GO.. BREATH and be in flow. We are very pleased to present the first Equilibrium Day Retreat ☯️💜
A day of Ancient rebalancing practices with Chinese Medicine Practitioner Julien Moreau and Energy Coach New Lisa Life. Take time during this day in the beautiful spaces at Ashram Villa Sunshine overlooking Sitges. Time to stretch out, release and clear your energy field and come back to centre.
Using Neigong, Qigong and Meridian work to clear your mind and body. Guided Visualisation to absorb and enhance the energy work.
Time for relaxation reflection and journaling with refreshments from our fruit bar and infusions.
Moving energy through the meridians in a guided breath-work session with Julien. We focus on moving energy in various ways, consciously facilitated for your optimum benefit. These are methods that you can use again and again for your continued well-being.
Join us! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. You can book directly here:
With Love 🥰
Enjoy the stunning sunset view from Ashram Villa Sunshine


Are you a super energy sensitive person? Perhaps a little rebellious and struggling with the current world-system? Do you feel impacted, anxious or overwhelmed by the world?
BE IN BALANCE – Shield & Protect your Energy.
On this 3 day Movement & Mindfulness retreat, we invite you to join us in the beautiful setting of the Catalunya region of Garraf.
A perfect space and atmosphere to recalibrate your nervous system. Detach from the political, technological soup of energy that you feel so intensely at times.
Are you super sensitive the to the harshness in the world? Do you struggle with the pace and energy of the technological, social media led, image based, animal abusing, corruption of our current corporate dominated system?
We offer a safe, nurturing, creative and experiential space for you to come and unwind completely. How much energy have you absorbed as an empath that does not belong to you. Who does this belong to?
Join us to explore questions like this and effective ways to release what is not yours to carry. Energy practices to shield and protect your energy. Tools and techniques to strengthen your energy field so that the world does not impact you so greatly. When you leave you will have the capacity to impact the world.
Co- Facilitated by Energy Coach & Holistic Therapist Lisa Life & Yoga /Pilates Teacher & Personal Trainer Dorota Rozko, you are invited to indulge in time and space to nourish your mind, body and soul with divine energy through gently guided meditations, breath-work qigong and yoga.
Both practitioners are highly sensitive empaths who know what it is to impacted by the outside world. Journey with us to learn tools that we have tried and tested and know have enabled us to thrive and enjoy life, even when we feel challenged.
You will have plenty of space to explore what is good for you and how to move into a space that allows you to relax.
There are always fun aspects to our events. Including music, dancing, lots of laughter and play. Along with wonderfully nutritious food from our in-house Chef and energy practices that will enhance your whole experience in this beautiful region of the world.
Do as little or as much as you like with our flexible schedule and options for 1-1 therapies and time out.
Waking up every morning to dive into bliss, open communication and connection with like minded souls.
Your day will be exactly as you choose it to be. With a range of practices at your fingertips.
Healthy nutritious meals.
Facilitated space for positive sharing’s and your evenings free.
Express your interest here and tell us a little more about you here:
We will provide:
YOGA MORNINGS – acknowledging the beauty of our bodies with gratitude and connection – bringing energy in and cleansing to purify and regulate the connection between body and spirit
GUIDED MEDITATIONS – sensitively facilitated to fully connect with the self, accepting and befriending each part of you. These will be tailored to the needs of the group.
QIGONG sessions to
Release unwanted energies
Harness your power
Balance Yin and Yang
3 nights’ accommodation in a beautiful location with fabulous healing energy.
Nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals throughout your stay created by our in-house cook
Flexibility in your group activities participation
EXCHANGE including all the above:
1,118 €
EARLY BIRD OFFER 997€ when booked before July 15th. You can pre-book and pay to secure your place.
Please note additional one-to one therapies are available on request (when you book in advance)
✨ NLP Coaching
✨Access Consciousness BARS & Body
✨Private yoga / pilates
✨Mobility & flexibility training
✨Personal training
✨Nutritional coaching
ALSO Time for:
Solo activities – walking, beach, town visits
Group activities – Dance, creative writing, wine tasting trips
All our facilitators are highly qualified and highly recommended with multiple years of experience in their field. Public liability insurances up to 5,000,00
Join us for the space to Be in Balance! ☯️
visit www.newlisalife.net for more information and contact
With Love 💜
#it’s all about balance