At times life insists that we go through something and all we can do is surrender to the process.

At times we have to go through things that make no sense.

We may feel pain but we don’t have to suffer

Suffering is not something that I advocate. At times though, life insists that we go through something and all we can do is surrender to the process. It hurts like hell and we really wish we could stop it.

Reason gives hope but there isn’t always a valid reason

When things are out of our control and we find ourselves having to deal with it, it can be so frustrating. Sitting in the pain, the uncertainty, the lack of clarity, the emotions that come up.

I read a debate the other day about the saying ‘Everything happens for a reason’. People were annoyed by it, one person stating that it was just an easy way for people to make sense of things, even though some things are so unjust, unfair or unfathomable. That them having a reason had no solid standing in reality because there was no actual reason that was justifiable.  When there is no justice, any hope of a valid reason is a light in the darkness, even if it is ambiguous.

Life is not always easy

In general, humans seek comfort. We strive for ease. Life, however is not always easy. This is a fundamental fact that we all experience at times and come to understand is part of living. There is darkness all around us. We live in it. We create out of it. It is part of us. When we can sit in the darkness and connect with our inner light, find our truth and stick with that, perhaps it somehow becomes easier?

Breathing, letting go. Surrendering, being present. Staying present! Speaking our truth. Staying in our heart. Allowing what is to be what it is. Being authentic. Honouring both the light and the dark. We will always find reasons, explanations, lay blame, create stories. Sometimes when something happens and we cannot control it or understand it, we have to simply let it go and focus on what we CAN do in order to move forward.

We will have great surges forward in our energy and then there will be times that we need to stop and rest. Sometimes we may even have to take a few steps back. There is a period of processing the journey. When we resist the processes, we can experience suffering. It is only in the resistance that we suffer.

Allow, allow, allow, allow and whatever that brings up breathe and alchemise. Transform it into something creative. Express it somehow. Communicate, write, dance, paint, move, create in whichever way your soul calls you. Observe, take the time you need to recuperate and then… carry on, one step at a time.

How can you stay present?

Being present helps. So, it is essential that we find a way to meditate.  To connect with a sense of inner peace, activate our inner light and remain centred.

This is my practice and it truly saves me, daily. Without it I am chaotic, volatile, stressed out by the world around us and ungrounded. Lean into suffering, lean into acceptance. Accept that there is darkness all around us and within us. Take the time out that you need and when it’s time to come back and have another surge forward, focus on your strengths. Focus on your light. Have your daily rituals that maintain a sense of balance and grounding. Nurture yourself. Be kind, stay open and be willing to receive as well as give.

We are both dark and light

Remember to breathe, to smile, to relax. The darkness is our teacher and leaning into that just as much as the light will bring us into balance. It may not be easy, but it is seemingly necessary.

There doesn’t have to be a reason for everything. At least, not one that we have to know.

Finding a way to connect with your inner light

If you’d like to get into your centre, connect more fully with your authentic self, discover daily rituals that are specifically helpful to you – connect with and activate your inner light – please feel free to get in touch and book a FREE consultation.

Sometimes we all need a little support finding our path. We are after all, here to guide each other home. We are living through an essential time of awakening and it can be a tough path to tread. You don’t have to do it alone. We must do all we can to activate the light in each of us and find the way to stay connected with those that are like minded. There is far too much darkness in the world. Light-workers this is a call to unite! To ignite! To find a way to shine.

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In this time of awakening connect in as many ways as you can with your like-minded community. Find teachers, guides, collaborators that resonate with your frequency. We are all on this journey together. Bringing light workers together is part of the process! Even as the darkness works to divide and conquer, we must continue to shine and to connect and to share our light.

Less fight, more light
Shine your inner light out in the world
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