Equilibrium Fest

Equilibrium Fest

Wellness Festival

EQUILIBRIUM FEST  www.equilibrium-events.com Equilibrium Fest is an annual event offering wellness workshops,



Equilibrium Fest is an annual event offering wellness workshops, stands, talks, music, food and community.

Since the first wellness festival in 2021, we have delivered 3 full events and now have a registered SL Company that delivers Workshops, retreats, music and dance events as well as the annual multi-cultural holistic fest which is gradually integrating with the Catalan community and evolving into something quite special.

We are a platform for local health and well being Practitioners and Educators. Supporting a quest to connect the community with more sustainable and balanced ways of living. Our ethos is ‘it’s all about Balance’ and this means addressing all aspects of ourselves inclusive of Mind-Body-Spirit practices… Including FUN!
As the Founder, Lisa Life has been working with the philosophy for some years that
It’s all about Balance!
Our 3rd event was held at Neàpolis Innovation Centre in Vilanova on Saturday 17th May, 2024.
Holistic activities, featured workshops, classes, therapies, products and talks, along with opportunities to connect. We continue to develop the festivals aims to spread the message of conscious living, co-creation and balance! With workshops and stalls covering a range of practices including:
• Meditation and Mindfulness

• Yoga

• Qigong, Tai Chi

• Chinese Medicine

• Martial Arts

• Sound Healing

• Dance & Movement

• Specialised Children’s Activities

• Holistic Wellness Products

• Massage & Body Work

• Natural Cosmetics

• Eco-living and Recycling

• Aromatherapy

• Psychology


• Coaching

• Sound Healing

• Access Consciousness

• Sustainability

• Second hand clothing

• Energy Practices

• Reflexology

• Hypnosis

• Wellness and Nutrition

• Astrology

• Tarot

• Reiki

• Family Constellations

Born in 2021, Equilibrium was created to offer the local community a safe space to connect and recalibrate following the strangeness of the lockdown experience. To reconnect the wealth of well-being practitioners in the local and surrounding communities and offer educative opportunities in a range of wellness & holistic practices and eco-related topics. Centred on ways to be in balance, the festival was created as we all needed a way to get back out into the world.
The day was a huge success, offering 63 workshops and talks from over 50 Health Professionals and Holistic Practitioners. With over 20 stalls providing educative demonstrations, practices and products, as-well as DJ’s, Live musicians healthy food and drink.
We have taken what we learned over the last 2 events and continue to develop  the event with our ever strengthening network of Professional Wellbeing Practitioners from all over the world who are based in the Barcelona region.
Each event we have more space to connect and encourage everyone to slow down and reconnect with who they really are and what they really need.
Workshops, talks and activities are presented in a mix of English and Spanish. With multi-cultural participants heralding from Catalunya, Spain, France, Russia, Latvia, Italy, UK, Ireland, South America, New Zealand, Belgium and more. We look forward to welcoming you into this community
Look out for details of activities, workshops, classes, treatments, products and talks along with opportunities to connect as we develop the festivals aims to spread the message of conscious living, co-creation and balance!
Our current website is being newly created.
You can find us on facebook at Equilibrium Fest and instagram @equilibriumfest2023
Also check out our EQUILIBRIUM RETREATS at

Photographs by PaulnAngel Photography

Equilibrium Fest 2021 at The Institute of the Arts, Barcelona

Co-organiser Lisa Life
Co-organiser 2021 Malala Ramenzoni
Zenergize Class opened the beginning of 63 workshops and talks at the start of the day
Puerta Blue stall
Community Interaction
Holistic Practices
Aerial view of indoor market
Martial Arts demonstrations
A range of Natural Cosmetics from local suppliers
Massage Workshops
New Lisa Life Guided Visualisation ‘Connecting to your inner Light’
Aerial Yoga Workshops
Belly Dance
Friends & Family Connect
Specialised Children’s Studio
Food & Drink


“I would love to give a huge shout out to the entire Equilibrium Team, and especially to Malala and Lisa who put so much passion, love and energy to make it happen. You guys rock!!! 👏👏👏

My family and I visited the festival today and were amazed by what you have put together. Organizing events is not an easy task. And organizing events on a volunteer basis is even more challenging. You managed it in an extraordinary way. Everyone can tell you were driven by a clear purpose, mission and values. Wow. Just wow 🤩😍❤️.

Thank you for doing this work. The  amazing connection you have facilitated will last forever “💫🙏🏼🌈



“I second that 👆🏼! Well done to all the organizers and participants – just an amazing day and accomplishment! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽



“YES!!!! Massive kuddos to the whole team, and the leaders who put their full heart and energy into this gorgeous event!  For a first pass, this was beyond impressive and it can only get better from here!  Wooohoo!!! “🤸🏽‍♀️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💫💕💫

Alesha Yoga Mama


“It was a blast. Amazing organization and amazing volunteers. I’m grateful for people that came to my workshop today as well. Fun festival!!!”

Yoky Yu


“I need to congratulate all you that have put your energy in Equilibrium. Amazing how you’ve created this great event in such short time!!! This is power. Keep on flowing, congratulations!!!”🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

Agnes Zander Scienz


“Totally agree!!! Enjoyed all of the talks and workshops” 😍🙏

Kasia Olszko


“Also amazing: the work and organization and help from all the people who helped as volunteers” 🙏👏🏼👏🏼

Benedicte Taillard