Throughout rich and varied professional experiences, I have consistently worked to encourage and promote health, well-being, creativity, positive interaction and collaboration and I repeatedly affirm throughout that it's ALL ABOUT BALANCE.

Now based in Sitges, Barcelona and working locally and internationally, I offer a range of services and am available for one-to-one coaching and therapies, group workshops and retreats.
With  25 years of creative, collaborative workshop and creative project experience, I now offer simple and effective ways for you to relax, recalibrate and feel well and balanced.
After years of burning the candle at both ends and reaching a point of emotional and near physical burn-out, I chose to take several steps back to assess how I was living and embarked upon a path of healing and transformation.
This is a common story for those now working in the wellness industry and it seems many empaths, creatives, and light workers are following the call to heal and assist others.
With a commitment to follow my heart and intuition, I have developed skills and a way of living that prioritises being in balance. I understand, from my own journey, that it is a constant practice to maintain this equilibrium and sometimes we need support!
Building on a 15 year history of dance, performance, education, workshops and martial arts, with a focus on helping others to find their true voice, I integrated these skills with my love for peace and meditation on a new path of heightened awareness and consciousness that maintains this ongoing focus and is committed to a kinder, more gentle approach to life.
I took up some holistic training and qualified firstly as a Reiki Practitioner, then as an Access Consciousness Practitioner. To understand the language of the mind I embarked upon an NLP Coaching Course and Qualified as a Coach and Practitioner in not only NLP, but in Hypnotherapy and Timeline® Therapy. These activities were initially to help myself. The changes and developments that I experienced were so profound, that I felt compelled to share them with others who may be on a transformational journey.
If this is you and it's your time to make changes in your life, however big or small, I am here to support you, based on my own experience and training perhaps I can offer some guidance. Ultimately we can only change ourselves and each of us is responsible for ourself. However, knowing where to start, being motivated and maintaining practice is where support can be very helpful.
What is holding you back from living the life you aspire to? Only you can make the changes that are needed in your life. What beliefs about yourself do you hold onto that are absolutely not true? I can assist and support you in defining the changes you need to make. What can you let go of today that will enable a better way of experiencing your life? I can facilitate effective practices that will help you release old habits and limiting beliefs, enabling you a way forward to create a new path.
This is not some unattainable magic, this is real, tangible, life-changing and effective. All you have to do is choose it and allow it. It is a choice and the choice is yours!

Sometimes we all need a little support! It's ok to not be okay and it's much better to choose feeling good and take the necessary steps to be in balance.  I can assist you on your journey to transformation!


Get in touch and connect. I would love the opportunity to support you!


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